Basic blackjack java

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Ok, so I have been working on this code trying to create a simple blackjack game.
We have been assigned to write a java program on JCreator.
Java import anner; public class Blackjack static Deck deck new Deck static Hand player new Hand static Hand dealer new Hand public static void main(String args) Blackjack game new Blackjack deal if (finishPlayersHand return; if (finishDealersHand return; wrapUpScoring static void deal player.return true; static boolean finishDealerHand while dealer.Only a few hours work if you know what you are doing.This is my first time on this website.I know I am missing code, but what I had was not working.public class Card implements Comparable private int rank; private int face; private final int ACE 1; private final int king 13; private final int queen 12; private final int jack 11; private final int TEN 10; private final int nine 9; private final int eight.There will be no double down, spliting, or anything else complicated.Draw stCard if (tScore 21) intln You busted!I am having trouble with my Card.We have already made a card class, but nothing else.This is very basic and.I have just started my second semester in AP Computer Science.I already completed part.This is only the first of many projects we are creating.We should be able to manipulate arrays and arraylists.I started with the Card class, but after many changes it is no longer working with the rest.

This is part 2 of a project.Teaches you how object oriented programming works with concrete card/deck examples.Draw stCard if (tScore 21) intln Dealer busted!The most basic terminal window.This is very basic and should just have some print lines showing the hand, asking to hit, and then a simulation of the dealer.You will be given a model code, which is basically 90 of the source code already given to you.You just need to update the calls and fill in the missing parts.
All the related files and specifications would be provided.