Machine a sous miniature injection molding

Can produce multiple part designs per shot.
Injection time accuracy0.01 sec, packing time accuracy0.1 sec, machine dimension64*30.5*28.A special micro-production cell enables us to offer you an efficient solution for shot weights measured in milligrams.The low price of the Mini-Jector, combined with its low tooling costs, makes small production runs of 100 pieces as free slot machine 6 economically efficient and practical as runs of much larger quantities.The all new M3 can direct valve gate small and micro-sized plastic parts with a shot weight of 1 to 400.Patented isokor injection process reduces melt residence time and protects the morphology of the resin.The electric injection molding machines of the alldrive series are predestined for high-precision optical applications such as the automated production of optical waveguides made from.Isokor Technology, what sets the M3 series apart from jeu en ligne xbox 360 other small injection molding machines is that it operates on a completely new rheological concept.Our video examples show how the micro injection module and micro injection unit can be used to produce parts smaller than a single grain of granulate, or how to apply micro-structures to surfaces.The cold runner to parts ratio in this application is 10:1.Clamping force3 tons, injection pressure3544 kg/cm (8mm) / 2268 kg/cm (10mm).Small footprint, fully automated part handling and take out robot for lights out production.Reliable replication of the microstructures is achieved through a high mold temperature of 120C.C,mobile-1320 Micro Injection Molding Machine.The M3 is extremely small and can easily be moved by rolling the machine using its robust leveling castors.It simplifies the mold design and speeds up the transition from prototype molding to mass production since all processing parameters and conditions are identical in both.
Maximum part quality and precision are required here owing to the surface microstructures, which measure.

Please browse through our site for additional information and contact us with any questions.The molding cell offers ample room for peripheral equipment and additional automation from all four sides of the mold parting line.Quality control is powered by an integrated vision system that inspects each fuentes musicales de las vegas part and cavity during the take-out cycle.Of course, you can still mold parts with small cold runners in the M3 if your application requires.The system operates using electro-pneumatic components, controlled by a user friendly, front mounted touch screen display.From cost effective prototype molding to high output.All Mini-Jectors may be used with a wide range of thermoplastics, ceramics and various investment waxes. .The revolutionary new M3 redefines injection molding for small, direct gated plastic parts by outperforming competing technologies by a wide margin.
Fast, Low Cost Prototype Molding, the M3 operates using compact and cost effective modular inserts, each containing eight micro cavities, completely doing away with the traditional injection mold structure.